Welcome to Blind Controversial

?so what in the world is this blog (whose title is suspiciously similar to another popular blog) about? What is controversial about being blind or disabled?

I’d answer you with a question; what isn’t?

It seems that there are many topics which come up in this community which just simply make people squirm. They can start bitter debates and flame wars on forums, or serve to unite this community behind a banner and inspire.

Something I’ve noticed though, is that many of these topics seem to quietly be avoided. Whether this is a matter of not having an appropriate forum in which to discuss them, or whether simply to avoid upsetting people, some issues simply get put away and seemingly not freely shared.

I had the idea for this blog so that we can speak candidly about the things in this community which may be difficult to discuss or be downright upsetting.

So Blind Controversial is meant to foster free and uncensored discussion. People may find this refreshing. People may find this offensive. My hope though, is that we’ll all find this a way to promote a better understanding of eachother through emotion, intelligence and honesty. It’s my hope that Blind Controversial can bring light from the heat…

anyone is welcome to comment on anything here, as they see fit. this may or may not be pretty or politically correct, but this will be real.

Who are we really? Read on and find out!…

3 Replies to “Welcome to Blind Controversial”

  1. I don’t know much about bloggs yet. But this looks like a good place to learn. I have been vision impaired most of my life, and almost blind for about 12 years. Here is a controversial topic: Lowered expectations and people not giving me the “real reaction” to my efforts, abilities, etc. Here’s a somewhat humorous but sad example. While I was getting my Ph.D., I was in the building where I had most of my classes. I was in the bathroom washing my hands with my guide dog beside me. A woman walked in and said “you are so amazing! I think you are wonderful!…” She obviously did not expect much from me if washing my hands was a amazing thing. Sometimes I wonder if I get real feedback from bosses, friends, family etc. Or, do they think they have to be nice and paint a rosey picture for me? I want honesty. I want to know what people think about how I look, how I behave, how I interact in a sighted world etc. It’s not that I care so much about what others think of me. I passed that obstacle long ago. It’s that for people who are blind to develop a realistic sense of themselves, we need accurate, realistic and appropriate feedback from others. So, let the controversy roll!

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